Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Special thanks to Wendy and Brady Wright

Over recent months, I came to know and love Wendy and Brady Wright.  Many of you did too.  We have a lot to thank them for and I am remiss to do that as it should have been done already!  So here's a very special thank you and a hat tip to some of their behind the scenes efforts over recent months!  

Did you know that Wendy does custom embroidery?  Well she does and she is very talented in her abilities to take your logo and place it on bags and shirts and hats that are simply divine.  If you need anything like that, please visit her website and give her a call and get your Christmas orders in early to beat the rush.  (Also to give her enough time to take time out for our trip to Minneapolis in September!!)  I for one plan on wearing all my wonderful Ron Paul embroidered shirts there at all the events.  Don't you know everyone will be glad we are still excited about the message of freedom and the constitution and glad to see us there!

The Republican party wants to hear from us so badly they forced us to hold our own rally in order to seat all our delegates that they didn't want to hear from this year.   I am guessing our rally will be more fun than theirs anyway, but I plan on going to theirs with my guest pass (since they would not send me as a delegate).  I will also be very vocal if they dare to stray from our platform or spend to much time cheering our nation-building wars and military involvement around the world at the cost of over 9 trillion dollars and counting. Boos at the convention in prime time are not what they want on TV so the speech writers have now been put on notice.

But I digress,  thanks Wendy and Brady for midnight calls, embroidered hats, great strategic planning, hours beyond belief for meetup events, and articles that crossed the globe - not to mention keeping all of us in high fashion at all the events!  

Blessings galore on you and your entire wonderful family.  I count it an honor to serve in the cause for freedom with you both.

Please take time to visit Covenant Embroidery to see more of Wendy's custom creations online.

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