Monday, July 7, 2008

Conservative Host: McCain is 'Continuation of Bush Policy'

Yesterday, conservative radio host Michael Smerconish sat in for Bill O’Reilly to host the Radio Factor. He opened the show by discussing yesterday’s front-page New York Times story detailing “how the White House shifted its sights, beginning in 2002, from counterterrorism efforts in Afghanistan and Pakistan to preparations for the war in Iraq.”

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See my comments on digg earlier today:

McCain does not equal Bush . . . I know it is hard to believe, IMO he is even worse. But if you choose to put him in office it will be with eyes wide open!  

Lest you think the solution is Obama - I did not say that either!!  

I am calling the nation to repentance. True repentance is turning from our wicked ways and asking God for His forgiveness. If you don't know what to repent of and turn from, ask God to show you His heart and to reveal Himself and His ways to you. He will do that for each person that asks. He will also do it for us as a nation - if we will but humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways. See II Chronicles 7:14 to ponder further and in context.  

Please turn to Him today and then see what He will do on our behalf.

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