Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Primary Election 2008 is just around the corner

Select a candidate(s) to help and get involved today!  The Primary Election is scheduled for July 29th.  That is just a little over a month away.  
Here is a complete list of those who filed in Oklahoma: 


Washington County Candidates listed below: 


Rick Silver, R, Bartlesville 

Gary L. Miller, Bartlesville 

County Clerk 

(i) Marjorie Parrish, R, Bartlesville

Court Clerk 

(i) Martha Mersch, R, Bartlesville 

Dist. 2 Comm. 

(i) Linda D. Herndon, R, Dewey 

Ronnie Hatheway, R, Bartlesville 

Laura E. Hicks Higbee, R, Bartlesville 

Dale R. Lewis, 57, D, Bartlesville 

Wesley Hadsell, 49, R, Bartlesville 

County Treasurer 

Brad Johnson, R, Bartlesville 

Tim Jordan, D, Bartlesville 

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