Monday, June 30, 2008

In loving memory of Kent Snyder

by Ron Paul

The Freedom Movement has suffered a great loss. Kent Snyder chairman of my presidential campaign, lost his tragic battle with pneumonia last week. Kent was a true lover of liberty.  He was an American patriot.  He was my friend.  And, he will be missed... 

My personal condolences to Kent's family/sc

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'Sandie' said...

FROM A POST by robert4rp08 on Ron Paul Forums
re: RIP Kent Snyder posted yesterday:


Shocking. What a tragedy.

I was fortunate enough to meet Kent in the airport after the NH primary. It was the day after the primary and I was pooped. While waiting for my flight, I was seated on the floor with my laptop catching up on a week's worth of missed news. Every so often I would look up to see what was going on. I saw Rand Paul walk by. I saw Lew Moore walk by. I saw Kent Snyder walk by. I'm sure they were pretty beat at the time and I didn't want to bother them. I was pooped myself. About a half hour before boarding, I went in search for food. The best I could find was a McDonald's nearby. While inside eating my poison food, Kent Snyder stopped by to look at the menu. He decided against dining there and instead went over to the news stand next door. I had just finished eating and had some time to kill, so I went over to the news stand to talk to him.

He was extremely personable and friendly. We chatted about various things. I don't recall everything that was said verbatim. But I do recall one particular exchange. I had told him how disappointed I was with the NH primary results. He shared the disappointment, but told me not to give up and to keep the message alive in the same way that Paul had for the past 30+ years and the way that Paul would continue to do so in and beyond this election. These were extremely motivating words that I would carry with me for the PA primary many months later.

Our conversation was about to end when I recalled the (undocumented) quote by McCain about Ron Paul. I asked him if the quote was true and he verified that it was. In fact, he did document the quote in his thesis, which was about Dr. Paul's congressional voting record (still can't find an electronic copy of his thesis).

Anyway, I didn't really know him well, but he will be missed. I salute Kent Snyder for being a driving force behind Paul's candidacy, which has awoken me from a slumber of political ignorance and apathy.

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"You're working for the most honest man in Congress." - John McCain to Kent Snyder, 1988 [verified by personally asking Kent Snyder]


Justine Lam said...

Thanks for posting your blog about Kent. He was indeed a wonderful person and a true warrior for freedom.

If you could help publicize our fundraising to raise money to pay for his $400k in medical bills, it would be really appreciated.

We're raising money at through a Chip-In.

Bless you,