Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come Fly with me - a twitter invitation to all my friends!

Here is your personal invitation to twitter: If you are not already on twitter, it is easy smeezy! Go to Twitter and sign up(free). Don't know what it is? It is like the latest in quick communications with many made easy by tweeters everywhere!

Social networking is valuable for people with a freedom loving message of truth -- that would be all my friends!

Once you are signed up on twitter, link up with me there by 'following' scrosnoe (me)!

Drop me a note that you are online (specially if your name is not intuitive from your twitter id) and I'll be sure to follow you back! easy easy easy

Now you are ready to impact the twitter world by joining some other social networks. One that I want us all to work on and make sure they are surrounded by real republicans (r3s) is Top Conservatives on Twitter. Join that group (also free) and when you want to message the group use the hash mark #TCOT and that will allow people watching that group to see your comments. There is a parallel group on facebook, but it just points to the group online and it is the actual twitter network that is really hopping.

As you add people to your network then you are messaging to more and more people - so keep it clean and fun and insightful. And more and more people will want to hear from you and link up there. We need your wisdom and pearls of truth rippling out there - so have fun and email me if you need help getting started (or better yet - send me a tweet).


scrosnoe on twitter

(come fly with me . . .)

Here is the link to the list of RNC committee members with emails and twitter ids where available

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