Friday, November 21, 2008

National Rally for Sound Money - Saturday Nov 22nd

National Rally for Sound Money - Saturday Nov 22nd!
38 Cities including OKC 11AM to 1PM

Our group is part of a nationwide rally to demonstrate
support for a return to a sensible system of banking and
currency. We wish to expose to American citizens the truth
about the Federal Reserve and our dangerously flawed Fiat
monetary system. We have confirmed several speakers
including State Rep Charles Key, Former State Rep Porter
Davis, and Charlie Meadows (OCPAC). The press has been

The Oklahoma City End the Fed Rally will run from 11:00 am
to 1:00 pm at the Reserve Building located at 226 Dean A.
McGee Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There will be
speakers, literature available, audio/visual display, and
hopefully a live feed of Ron Paul speaking at the Houston
End the Fed Rally.

Bring your signs, wear your tee shirts, and bring flyers to
share with all in attendance. This is our only rally
scheduled for Oklahoma, so we are inviting all our friends
from around the state to come help us make it a big one.
Many people are opening their homes to guests, so if you
need a place to stay, ask around and come join us on

The rally begins at 11 am on November the 22nd at the
Federal Reserve Bank located at;

226 Dean A. McGee Ave
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our goal is to restore sound money principles in the United
States by return to currency based on real assets, such as
gold or silver, which is necessary if our country is to
survive into the future with any true measure of economic
stability or independence.

Did you know that there are still some people in Oklahoma
that do not know that the federal reserve isn't federal and
there aren't any reserves?! Let's reduce that number this
weekend and start the beginning of the end of the 'aint'
federal 'aren't any' reserves system which is still asking
for more of your money to put in 'their' pockets!

END the FED!

Most Americans do not understand that the Federal Reserve
Bank is a private corporation NOT a federal institution.
We oppose the existence of this private central bank on the
grounds that it is unconstitutional. The U.S. Constitution
does not give Congress the authority to delegate control
over monetary policy to a central bank. Our current
economic situation provides all the evidence necessary to
illustrate the wisdom our Founders possessed when they
drafted these ground rules for our nation.

We now have but two choices before us; (1) Return to our
constitutional foundation and a sensible monetary system OR
(2) Submit to a new supranational banking system that
supersedes the U.S. Constitution and surrender our
cherished sovereignty.

We also want to encourage support of the congressional bill
H.R. 2755, also known as the "Federal Reserve Board
Abolition Act" as the first step to restoring a sound
monetary system.

This nationwide rally being held simultaneously in 38 +
cities across the U.S. is a remarkable opportunity for
citizens to express their growing frustration with the
government bailouts of irresponsible banks and businesses
and could signal the beginning of the end of the private
banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve and remove its
unjustifiable power over the federal government and the
American people.

For more information visit these web sites and get involved at your own pace: (we encourage posting and contributing on all these sites!)
end the fed on facebook
end the fed on freeople
stay in touch - link up on freeople today (this is our ***hub***)
R3publicans are on facebook also

Here are some flyers if you wish to print and use them:
OKC flyer - 4 cards per sheet

brochure - So What are the Alternatives - OKC (doc)

black etf flyers for okc

black etf flyer for okc2

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