Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ron Paul Press Conference Unifies 3rd Party and Independents

Ron Paul, who captured 1.2 million votes as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, has urged the media to give viable third-party candidates the coverage they have lavished on McCain and Obama. The 10-term Texas congressman also urged American's "silent majority" to become active in the political process and vote their conscience.

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[Editor's note: This article made some things really connect for me.

I have been active in the Republican for years and it is all about moving the ship of state to the right (or limited government via the Constitution) and the Ron Paul movement is doing that very effectively. Palin is a by product of that effort. If RP is able to unify the existing 3rd parties on certain issues the results will be huge not only in educating the public, but in making both major parties re-evaluate their core positions on these issues.

His message of "freedom" is a uniter not a divider and it is a small handful of power brokers that keep trying to divide us on these critical issues: National Debt, Foreign Policy, the Federal Reserve, and Privacy.

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